About Barbara J. Hoopes Ambler
Barbara J Hoopes Ambler

Working from San Diego, California, Barbara J. Hoopes Ambler uses acrylic, gouache, oil, and dry media to produce illustrations. Some work is produced or layered using Adobe CS Design programs as needed by client. Barbara has produced some mural and museum work.

Natural history rendering makes up the bulk of this portfolio and much of Barbara's work. Represented here are individual creatures, anatomy, morphology, and composed scenes of flora and fauna, environments and ecosystems on land and underwater, living and extinct.

Product rendering and design represent a smaller part of Barbara's work. Print graphics and illustrated borders are included in their own category.

Barbara's realistic style lends itelf well to certain markets. The camera can do a lot, but hand-illustrated products, objects, diagrams, charts and skeletons are valued by some clients and have a quality inachievable by photographic means.

A selection of drawing and painting styles are included in this portfolio. Some have successfully been translated into useful styles for illustration, but their goal has remained for personal expression and development.


BA Painting and Printmaking San Diego State University


Phillips-Ramsey Advertising 1968-1976
Self-Employed 1976-present

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